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Emei Qigong: A Path to Health, Harmony, and Awareness

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system to strengthen the body's life energy. In simple translation, "Qi" is life force energy, and "Gong" is the achievement from practice and cultivation. Doing Qigong is practicing and cultivating the life force energy. Qigong awakens our natural healing abilities.
Emei Qigong is a comprehensive system of Chan (Zen) style Qigong that strengthens and balances your Qi, leading to better health, stronger emotional balance, and higher levels of awareness. Started 800 years ago in a monastery on the Emei Mountain, one of China’s most sacred Buddhist mountains, and continuous from lineage to lineage, the strength and purity of the Emei methods are rare treasures.
Wuji Gong is the primary form of Emei Qigong. It incorporates simple, low impact, and meditative movements that are easy to learn for all age groups. Practitioners enjoy remarkable healing benefits by doing Wuji Gong for as little as once a week. Come to one of our classes or free group practices to find out what Wuji Gong can do for you!
If you are interested in learning more techniques for self-healing and healing for your loved ones, our graduate level training seminars will guide you on a well-defined path of advancement.
My name is Brenda Lee. I was fortunate to have trained with Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, the 13th Lineage Holder of the Emei Linji Qigong School of Sudden Enlightenment. Emei Qigong has transformed my life and I am very excited to share the knowledge with everyone who wants to learn. Please check out the Resources page for more information or contact me if you have any questions.